Sunday, February 22, 2009

Magazine Spreads

Magazine spreads depend on intended audience, content, and must grab the reader's attention in order to get them to continue reading. The examples show two different approaches in layout. The top left and right, as well as the bottom left shows a continuous image across two pages, while the bottom right seems to be divided in half. The images should visually enhance what the article will entail and the text should flow from the initial response to avoid interruptions. There is also a visual hierarchy in all four examples that keep it interesting.

EC: Emerge

At the Emerge exhibition, I tended to pay more attention to work that was similar to projects I’ve had in the past and their solution to it. One of the projects was creating an original set of alphabets. There were two that stood out in particular. The first was in front of the entrance and looked like folded cardboard. Instead of having it printed on paper, the artist/designer made it like a quilt, which made it more interesting to look at. The second alphabet set from afar looked like the letters were constructed with hair. When I took a closer look, I saw that it was stitched in cloth and that the synthetic hair was pulled out to create the uniqueness.

Overall, the show was good and I would recommend others to go. In a graphic design course focusing on type and design, it is just as important to pay attention to how the work is presented. For example, there were display cases featuring pieces that displayed their logo, a table with their design painted, and a skateboard with a neon word. If their work had been printed on paper rather than the object they chose, the impression and affect wouldn’t have been as strong. It’s important to see both the design and its application.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Responsibility of Designers

Since the responsibility of the designer is going to be a subjective point of view, I believe that the work I choose to do should not go against my conscience. I agree and support those who acknowledge their design's influence for positive change. Obama's campaign has definitely been successful in targeting their audience: the young and the minority.  Obama's character, unlike McCain, has the ability to relate better to a growing and changing demographic. Here are more photos to elucidate what I mentioned in my previous blog to show how Design+Obama sells:

After you've browsed through the images, picture McCain's face on the same would never work.