Sunday, March 8, 2009

Design that Empowers

Zara Arshad has written an article on titled, "Design to Empower the People," which focuses on creating/designing products that call attention to important issues such as 9/11, global warming, and free speech. 

The first image on the is called "NY Pocketbook (2002)" by Tobias Wong and is a political reference to the time when many Americans were fearful of "terrorism." The design is elegant, yet its message powerful. The use of matches used to represent the twin towers is symbolic considering what happens if one was to light it. 

The second image is from &made and is a table that can be taken apart to form a life-saving raft called, "Oar (2006)" in response to global warming. The clever functional design challenges the way we as designers can think beyond the immediate product and create multiple uses. 

The third and last image are produced by BlackBook Activists. The first transforms text-message protestations into Guerilla Codes (indecipherable graphics). The second is titled, "Lighten Up" and is a camera graffiti project. Both are used to make a political statement about being socially responsible by defending our rights.  

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